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Special Interests Groups

Gorgo Travel DMC can organize a special tailor-made program or tour for your group. Whether you are interested in experiencing the culture of Cyprus, exploring its monasteries, geology, gastronomy or agriculture, we can accommodate all your needs.

Among the special passions we cater for:

  • Academic visits
  • Astronomy
  • Oenology
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Agriculture
  • Bird watching
  • Geology
  • Forestry
  • Photography
  • Walking tours
  • Botany
  • Gastronomy
  • Pilgrimages
  • Yoga and wellness
  • Casino

Our Services:

  • Program & Itinerary design
  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Transfers & Transportation
  • Food & Beverage arrangements
  • Licensed Guides
  • Group escorts
  • Site Inspections
  • Administration support
  • Onsite management and coordination

Gastronomy tours

Discover the culture & people of Cyprus through the traditional foods and wine… Join us for a journey to some of the island’s hidden food establishments, traditional product workshops & award-winning wineries. Sample authentic snacks, dishes and drinks whilst exploring the Cypriot villages. From ancient recipes passed down through generations, to modern interpretations of classic dishes, Cyprus boasts a diverse culinary landscape that reflects its unique history, culture, and geography.

Walking tours

Explore the enchanting landscapes of Cyprus with our bespoke walking tours, tailored to suit all preferences. Choose from shorter or longer walks, guided or self-guided, as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this Mediterranean gem.

Discover the Troodos Mountains, the largest mountain range in Cyprus, renowned for their unique geology and rich tapestry of Byzantine churches and monasteries. Or, venture to the Akamas Peninsula, where wide sandy bays, rugged hiking trails, and stunning vistas await, offering a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer a single-day adventure or a week-long exploration complete with accommodation, our customized walking tours promise an unforgettable journey through Cyprus’s most captivating regions. Let us craft the perfect itinerary for you, ensuring an experience that resonates with your interests and pace.

Pilgrimage tours

Immerse yourself in the rich spiritual heritage of Cyprus with our customized pilgrimage tours. Whether you seek a day trip or a week-long journey, complete with accommodation, we offer personalized itineraries that delve into the island’s profound religious history.

Walk in the footsteps of revered saints such as the Apostle Paul, who converted the Proconsul Sergius Paulus to Christianity in Paphos in 47 AD, making Cyprus the first region governed by a Christian. Visit the resting place of St Barnabas, who was martyred here, and explore the legacy of St Lazarus, who, following his resurrection, served as Bishop. Discover the journey of St Helena and the many other saints who have left their mark on this sacred island.

Known as the island of saints, Cyprus is replete with significant pilgrimage sites and religious landmarks. With our local knowledge and expertise, we will craft an itinerary that highlights these historic and spiritual treasures, providing a deeply enriching and personalized pilgrimage experience.

Astro holidays

Astro tourism captivating realms of astronomy and stargazing. A team of passionate astronomers, stargazers, and science enthusiasts dedicated to sharing the wonders of the universe with curious travelers like you. With a profound love for the night sky and a commitment to education, the mission is to make the cosmos accessible to all, providing transformative experiences under the stars.

We offer an opportunity to embark on a cosmic journey guided by experts who are deeply knowledgeable about the mysteries of the universe. The team includes seasoned astronomers, astrophotographers, and educators, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of the celestial wonders above. Our range of tours is designed to cater to all levels of expertise and interests. From family-friendly stargazing adventures to advanced astronomy workshops.

Will also research into other Special Interests of your choice.

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